You skipped that second cup of coffee and you are running late for an urgent meeting. To make matters worse, your car lock won’t respond to the keys. Wondering what may be the reason? We’d like to help you understand the reasons why your car key is not working. May be this would help you keep your car lock in working condition so that you are not stuck ever again.

  •   Faulty Key Fob

One of the most common reasons behind the car keys not working may be the faulty key fob. You may not understand the problem as it is something that a professional can help you with. If you go to the local car dealer, he can easily hook the key fob up to a computer and make it work once again. If is it not working even after the treatment, may be the fob needs to be replaced.

  •  Faulty Handles

If you want to enjoy a smooth lock functioning of the car, it is important that the handles are functioning properly. If you handles are looking loose or fragile and do not work properly, So this is the right time to get them repaired and replaced from the expert mechanic. If there is an issue with the interior handle then for sure there is also an issue with the lock system and it really needs a repair.

  •   Your Door Lock is Broken

As a non-mechanical professional, you may never have heard about the Actuator in your life. It is the most important device for controlling your doors that are an electrically powered motor. It sends signals to open and close your door locks. This makes it possible for the driver to open your doors instead of walking over to each one.

  •   Tight Doors

It is another issue that may lead to poor performing car door locks. Similar to not staying shut; your doors may feel rigid and not close or open properly. A quick lubrication can help them get back to work without moving to a mechanic. A squeaking sound when you’re moving the car door along its hinge means that your car doors need some oil.

  •  Problem with Door Striker Plate

The door striker plate allows the door to stay at the place when you shut it. It is a hardened metal mechanism that keeps your door shut firmly in place. If it gets loosened, your car door may need multiple hard slams to shut. If your passenger doors are having the same issue, it is important that you get it repaired before drive as it may hit the car in the next lane.

While a little oiling can help you avoid the door lock problem, but if there is a problem then it is better that you call a profession to deal with it.