Commercial Locksmith Services In Orlando

Are you on the hunt for Commercial Locksmith Services in Orlando? Do you want excellent security for your business site, employees, customers, or your physical property? We offer Professional Commercial Locksmith Services to condo owners, small business owners, landlords, and retailers.

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“Locked myself out of my vehicle at 630 pm in a shopping center...715 pm I’m at home writing this review. Yaniv turned me locking myself out of my convertible (with the top down) into a “non issue” in a turn around time I personally didn’t even expect. Amazing service. This all literally happened within the hour! Thank you!!”

Why Use Car Keys Replacement For Your Commercial Locksmith Services In Orlando? 

  • We Are A Trusted Orlando Locksmith Company
  • Same-Day Business Locksmith Services
  • Customer Service Representatives Answer Your Call
  • Use Only Trusted Brands For Locks – Hardware – Parts
  • Best Locksmith Service Ethics- On-site Estimates & Receipts
  • Our Employees Are Pleasant, Professional, Licensed, And Insured
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24/7/365 Emergency Commercial Locksmith Services

Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. Whether you're locked out of your business or need a new Master Key Set at your factory, our Expert Business Locksmiths have you covered.

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Licensed-Insured Commercial Locksmith Services

- Cylindrical lever locks
- Mortise Locks
- Keypad Door Locks
- Keyless entry systems
- Emergency Business lockout service
- Security Locks Re-key
- Duplicate Master Key Sets
- Commercial Locks Repair
- Mailbox keys
- Biometric Locks
- Commercial Vehicle lockouts
- Cam Locks
- Cabinet and drawer locks

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Free On-Site Estimates

You're already locked out of your store, warehouse, or hospital. We aim to make your day easier so, feel free to contact us. Click The Above Image To Call And Schedule Your On-Site Estimate (407) 258-1377

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Our Commercial Locksmiths Are Working Near You In These Areas Of Orlando

Princeton/ Silverstar, Orlando, FL, USA
Metro West, Orlando, FL, USA
College Park, Orlando, FL 32804, USA
Pine Hills, FL, USA
Lake Underhill, Orlando, FL, USA
Fairview Shores, FL, USA
Orlando, FL, USA
Winter Park, FL, USA
Orlando Metropolitan Area, FL, USA
Holden Heights, FL, USA
Conway, FL, USA
Azalea Park, FL, USA
Washington Shores, Orlando, FL 32805, USA
Northeast Orlando, Orlando, FL, USA
Rio Grande Park, Orlando, FL, USA
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Are There Commercial Locksmiths In My Area Of Orlando?

Car Keys Replacement is a Certified, Licensed and Insured Business Locksmith Service provider. Each of our locksmiths is verified to ensure we protect your property. You can trust that we only use the best quality products from established brands. We stock new locks and new keys ensuring you get the best for your commercial locks needs. Whether for traditional offices or complex buildings, our mobile locksmiths will be at your doorstep in no time.

Our services include:

  •  Commercial rekeying
  •  Installation, repair, and reprogramming of digital locks
  •  Master key consultation
  •  Emergency lockout services
  •  Installation and repair of standard locks
  •  Cracking or resetting of safe locks codes
  •  File cabinet key replacement
  •  Key extraction
  •  Lost Office Key Replacement

What Is A Commercial Locksmith?

A Commercial Locksmith is someone who provides locksmith services for commercial and industrial customers. This doesn’t mean that a commercial locksmith can’t provide solutions for residential locks and security issues; it just means they tend to specialize in solutions for commercial properties or on a large scale.

How Do You Unlock A Commercial Door Handle?

Closing the door or turning inside lever will release the button and unlock the door. When the outside lever is locked by the key it can only be unlocked by the key. The inside lever is always unlocked.

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Do You Offer Master Key Systems?

  Large lock installs can be such a hassle. Replacing a bunch of keys at your business premises might just be the simplest solution to all your Commercial Locks Needs. You may decide to go with something as simple as having one key opening the office doors, bathrooms and janitor closet. On the other hand, you may go for something as sophisticated as having a single key for every lock within the premise. Either way, Car Keys Replacement has Locksmiths to install and maintain Master Key Systems.


High Grade Security Locks For Your Business- Car Keys Replacement (407) 258-1377

Can You Install High-Level Security Locks At My Business In Orlando?

High-level Security Locks from our Top-notch Business Locksmiths provide you with the extra layer of protection. These protect you against picking, drilling or a prying eye. As they require additional investment, you need to trust that their installation will be done professionally.

Car Keys Replacement’s High Grade Security Lock Experts in Orlando are well-known for installing High-Security Lock Systems. To ensure you stay up to date with security, we offer consultations on trends within the High-Security Locks industry. Your mind can rest easy, assured that we have your Security Locks and the safety of your business, employees, and customers taken care of. 

  Call Car Keys Replacement and schedule a No-Pressure, FREE Site Security Audit. Find out the best ways to security your property and site, using the newest lock and key technologies, that our Commercial Locksmiths can implement and maintain for your business.

How Does A Master Key System Work?

A master key system allows two or more keys to open one lock. To make a master key system, you need locks and keys that are the same make and model, and a way to rekey those locks. The basic pin tumbler master locks use a master wafer/pin in between the key pin and the driver pin.

Commercial Business Lockout Services- Car Keys Replacement (407) 258-1377

Do You Offer Commercial Lockout Services?

  Being Locked Out Of Your Commercial Premises can be frustrating. It wastes time which would have otherwise been productive hours and hinders the efficient running of your business. There is no need to break-in.

  Car Keys Replacement offers Commercial Lockout Services in Orlando, ensuring you can access your commercial building in the shortest time possible. Our Mobile Locksmiths have a fast arrival time of fewer than 30 minutes. They arrive with the right tools for the job. We are committed to ensuring your workday is disrupted as little as possible. We will work around your schedule, to best suit your needs. 

File Cabinet And Desk Lock Services- Car Keys Replacement (407) 258-1377

File Cabinet And Desk Lock Services

Securing sensitive documentation, supplies or personal effects is high on the list for anyone seeking Commercial locksmith Services in Orlando. We install and maintain locks for file cabinets, desks, and safes. Likewise, we repair broken locks and replace locks whose functionality is in question.


Who Do You Call When You're Locked Out?

Call a Professional Locksmith

If you find yourself in a situation where none of the solutions above will work for you, you can always call Car Keys Replacement for Professional Locksmith Services. Calling a locksmith is often the safest, easiest, and quickest way to regain access to your home or car, or business.

What Does A Commercial Locksmith Do?

A commercial locksmith not only opens and changes locks but also helps with a variety of other services that may include installing and servicing electronic and digital locks, master key systems, and access control systems. …

What Kind Of Lock Is On A File Cabinet?

Many types of file cabinets are manufactured with locks built in; others can be fitted with a lock of the user’s choice. File cabinet locks can be mechanical or electronic and consist of pad locks, tubular cylinder locks, or cam style versions.

How Do Desk Drawer Locks Work?

Another options you have for drawers that are on the side of a bench or desk, is a plunger lock. A plunger lock is installed to the side of the desk frame. When the lock is pushed in, a “plunger” or pin gets pushed into a hole that is drilled within the drawer’s side. This locks the drawer in place.

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Top Quality Commercial Locksmith Services For Orlando Customers

At Car Keys Replacement service delivery to our Commercial Customers is king. Car Keys Replacement offers Bespoke Commercial Locksmith Services in Orange County, that are second to none with emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our relationship with our customers comes first. We are accommodating their needs custom-making solutions to your needs. We are responsive to your concerns offering details of the services and parts purchased.
As a business owner or a property manager, we understand you cannot afford to be locked out, have broken keys or have your property vandalized. That is why at Orlando Locksmith, we provide emergency commercial locksmith services on time. Do not risk your commercial property’s security. Call on us or fill a form online and you’ll have a professional take care of your commercial locks.

Can You Trust A Locksmith?

The best way to know whether a locksmith is trustworthy is to research them in advance. Call them, ask them detailed questions, and check their reviews. Once you find a reputable locksmith who checks off all the boxes, save them in your phone for future use. In the meantime, practice proper door lock maintenance.
24 Hour Emergency Services- Car Keys Replacement (407) 258-1377

24 Hour Emergency Commercial Locksmith Services

Your business opens at at 6 a.m. It’s 5:30 a.m., and you’re still unable to enter the store because the key broke off in your Lock in your storefront door lock. If you find yourself in this dire situation, give us a call, and we’ll be there as soon as possible (ASAP). We can open the business door before you finish your cup of coffee in many circumstances. All you have to do now is start brewing the coffee and let our Commercial Locksmiths go to work on opening your Business’s Door Locks

  Do you have hours of operation on weekends and holidays?

Getting an Emergency Call on a weekend or a holiday, from a business owner for a Lockout or New Security Lock Installation/ Replacement is not a problem for us. We can help you with any Commercial Security Issue on a Saturday, Sunday, Christmas, July 4th, or Easter. Even in the dead of night on a holiday weekend, we always have someone on call and ready to immediately help you. We are usually on-site in under 30 minutes. 

What should I do if I’m locked out of my business and I’m waiting on a Locksmith to show up?   

If you’re locked out, the first thing you should do is find a safe place to wait. It might be your car or a local establishment. Then give us a call. We’ll arrive in a service vehicle that’s marked, so you’ll know who we are. Our professionals will complete the work fast so that you can enter your commercial building safely.

  When you need a Commercial or Residential Automotive Lockout Service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at any time-24/7/365. Call us at: (407) 258-1377

How Do I Get The Best Locksmith Services?

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Locksmith
  • Be Clear About the Locksmith Services You Need. …
  • Find Out Who Can Provide the Service. …
  • Ask Which Locksmith Providers Are Covered. …
  • Get an Estimate for the Cost of Services. …
  • Request to See Credentials. …
  • Pay Attention to the Documentation. …
  • Get an Invoice for the Locksmith Services.


Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. Whether you’re locked out of business, pharmacy, school, warehouse, commercial truck, or your company’s entire access control system has faulted, our Expert Commercial Locksmiths are here for you.

Does Car Keys Replacement Offer Comprehensive Lock & Key Services For Residential And Commercial Customers?

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