The final cost involved for car door lock repair or replacement depends upon many factors that create a rather wide range in price. With a variety of possible replacement parts that you may need and different issues that may be responsible for the technical or mechanical fault; the overall cost can be astronomically different from another.

The costs also depend upon the mode used for car door lock replacement – do-it-yourself or hire a locksmith service.

Do It Yourself (Cost: $15 – $300)

The cost involved in car door lock repair or replacement may be higher than any other method you opt as you are just looking for the parts. If you need to change the door lock cylinder, your type of car will determine the cost. Also, there may be a need to fix or replace the electronic locking mechanism. Together, all this will increase the car lock replacement cost.

Another reason for increased cost is the time required. These things can take a long time and a lot of preparatory training. Because it’s something technical, there are chances of damaging other parts when you are not skilled professional, which can also burn your pockets.

3rd Party locksmith (Cost: $75 – $220)

Hiring a 3rd part for professional for locksmith service is always the first choice of people for the services you get with them are cheaper and reliable in comparison to any other method available. The final price of a locksmith is based upon the lock replacement cost as wells as the labor it takes to perform the job. Very rarely will this be the highest price possible in the rage as these people need not bear expenses of expensive commercial locations.

Sometimes, 3rd party locksmith service providers also visit your location in order to get the job done, which also results in reduced pricing.

Dealership (Cost: $200 – $600)

The most expensive option to go for car door replacement or repair is the dealership. The lack of competitive pricing does not offer any type of incentive to the car owner. Of course, you need not worry whether or not there is going to be someone on staff that can do the job, but that peace of mind results in a great increase in the car door lock repair cost.

As mentioned above, going to a 3rd party professional for locksmith service can save you the time of doing the repairs yourself. Remember that the overall cost depends upon the parts required to be changed.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that the ceiling price can be a lot cheaper if professionals are hire to fix a broken car door lock. I’d like to get a car key replacement service soon because I had mine snap when I was trying to get it my car the other day. Thankfully, no valuable got stuck in there with all the doors locked.

  2. The price may fluctuate on the basis of your car model and the Brand name associated with the car. It may also vary with the place where you purchased your vehicle.

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