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Most Important Tips to Deal with Broken or Lost Car keys

If you’ve ever lost your car keys or they got broken when opening or closing your car door lock, you should understand the turmoil one would go through in such situations. This can be the worse experience if your car doesn’t have a remote key fob that allows you to pop the locks at the push of a button.

The best way to deal with such situation is to be prepared with contact details of a professional automotive locksmith Orlando or keep these tips in mind.

  • Check the Key Stump
  • In most circumstances, a broken car key situation can be handled with the use of just a pair of pliers. Before you call a professional, check to see how much of the snapped key is sticking out of the lock. If you feel there’s enough to snag with a set of pliers, it can be easily pulled out without the expert support

    Once you take the car key out, take these two pieces to a locksmith to get a replacement made. Make sure to get a pair of keys prepared for your car. Having a temptation to turn the key with pliers? Make sure you avoid doing this. You can twist the metal to the point with it breaks again and you can be in a trouble where you’ll be stuck without anything protruding from the lock.

  • Try The Special Tools
  • Sometimes, you may get enough support with the pliers helping you to get the broken keys out, but it’s not going to help always. If the top of the broken car key is flush with the lock, make sure to purchase a set of removal tools. These are specially prepared tools that come with small hooks at the end. The professional emergency locksmith uses the same type of tools to help deal with emergency situations.

    Before using these tools, make sure to put some spray lubricant. It will simplify your job significantly, regardless of what tool or method you are using to take out the key. The locksmith tools are intended to slide in alongside the key so that you can work it out. If nothing works, make sure to call a professional locksmith as trying too hard can turn the situation from bad to worse and you may need to replace the whole lock of the vehicle.

  • Try Some Magnets

If your car key made with iron and you think it will be attracted to the magnet, a great alternative to using key-removal tools is a magnet. A powerful magnet can easily grab onto the metal in the key and pull it out. Although it isn’t going to work for sure, there’s no harm giving it a try. Sometimes, the key doesn’t have enough metal enough to stick strongly to the magnet, but it is still worth giving a try.

Dealing with a broken car key lock can be a real mess and hence it is always preferred calling a professional emergency locksmith to get immediate support in such situations. Do not try too hard on your own as you can permanently damage the lock, which will then cost you a lot higher than simply getting a car key replacement.

A professional locksmith can handle the situation better than you. Believe me!

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