Have you ever broken the car key? Of course, we all have done this mistake. Sometimes it happens when not being used, but the worst time is when the key is still inside the ignition lock of your car. No matter how many articles available online describing the easy ways to remove car keys from the ignition lock, it can seem impossible if you don’t have the right tools. However, with the help of the right tools and some information about dealing with such incidents, it can be an easier task. Keep in mind that if you think you are not capable to do it, make sure to call a professional auto locksmith for car ignition repair to avoid unwanted expenses.

Here are a few tips you can use to remove a stuck key from car ignition:

  •   Using a Plier

Sometimes, you can be lucky enough if there is enough of the broken key sticking out of the ignition. In such situations, using needle or nose pliers can work to handle the situation.

Step 1: Use Sticky Substance

The pliers are not always able to make a good grip. there are other so many sticky substances like melted wax, super glue which can help you to get your keys out. Another way to use cotton swabs and acetone to get the key without wasting your time on the Car Ignition Replacement.

Step 2: Pull Out the Key

Latch onto the broken key piece with your pliers and pull it out of the ignition lock. Using super glue to get the key out? Make sure to wait until the glue has set a little bit before attempting to pull the key out.

  • Using Cooking Spray

Step 1: Apply the Chosen Substance

If the pliers or the pin don’t work, try applying some cooking spray to the inside of the ignition. Remember that if you want to use the pliers again, avoid completing this step as this method will make the key slippery and you won’t be able to grab it. If you feel nothing is going to work, make sure to call a professional for car keys replacement.

Step 2: Use Hacksaw

Use the hacksaw blade to push the car key out of the ignition lock. You can wiggle the blade inside the ignition lock to get it to latch onto the grooves.

  •  Using a Coat Hanger

If nothing works and you’re tired of trying all the techniques and don’t want to call a professional for car ignition repair, try using a wire coat hanger to remove your key.

Step 1: Get Vehicle in Neutral Position

This can be done by using the hacksaw blade. Use the blade as a key and simply turn the ignition, so that’s it’s no longer locked in place.

Step 2: Pull It Out

Make sure you pull out the blade carefully as it can grab onto the front or back of the key to help pull it out. The hacksaw blade may be able to latch onto the groove of the key. Try to twist the hacksaw blade smoothly and wiggle it until the car key latches into the blade.

Step 3: Use Pliers

Try to use a combination of the hacksaw blade and pliers to take the key out. First, use a hacksaw blade to push the key and then use pliers to pull the broken car-key piece from the ignition. Tring this may work for sure, but in case there is trouble taking out the key it is better to call an expert for car keys replacement.