Have you just lost your car keys and can’t find the spare one? Well, this can be a critical condition as the replacement keys can be costly. So, before you call the local garage for replacement keys make sure to check if you can find a key replacement for your car at home or workplace.

If not able to find the spare keys, it is the time that you call a professional mobile locksmith as these professionals can provide you with a dealer equivalent car key replacement service at a very affordable cost. And their services are available at your particular location, no matter where you are. Yes! Mobile locksmiths travel to you and provide you with an aftermarket key on-site.

If you are in a similar situation, here are a few points that must be considered to get your car keys back.

Check your vehicle

There may be many situations when you wonder “lost car keys what to do now.” In most of such situations, the keys are found inside the car itself. The first place you should look for your car keys is inside the car. There are several causes for car lockouts, but one of the leading causes is forgetfulness. Many people forget their car keys from time to time, which turns out to be the most common reason people call professional locksmiths for help.

Necessary vehicle information

Before you call a professional locksmith or a dealership, it is important that you have all the important information about your keys. This information you would need to provide to the locksmiths will help them get you the right key on time. Being able to identify that you need a traditional key or a transponder key is only part of the entire process.

Dealership or a locksmith

In most cases when we have lost car keys and no spare keys, people are likely to call the dealership for help, but this can be a costly affair. These dealerships will overcharge for the spare key along with the additional cost of traveling to your location. The mobile locksmiths, on the other hands, are known for on-site support. They have vehicles equipped with all the required tools and machines to provide you with the affordable keys. Calling the locksmiths will most likely be your best bet as these professionals can easily fashion you a replacement key.


If you have lost your car keys, then I hope reading this article will help you in some way or form. If you have the contact of a local locksmith then calls them immediately to support. If you don’t have their contact, then keep it with you as it can save you in emergency situations with immediate support.

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